Tulip-O’-Purple: A Poem by Sangeetha Kamath

The flower you sent me stands tall in a vase of porcelain

The bud clammed close concealing drops of rain

It holds a promise of a lavender refrain

The silken petals of webbed lilac veins

The stalk a mossy green reminds me of meadows

The long walks in the Alps and valleys below

I conjure up woodlands and dappled

sunset glow

Purple is my favorite color you always know

The delicate bloom of sweet fragrance

Reminds me of an amethyst of lustrous brilliance

Swaying in the summer breeze it yearns for a dance

A single Tulip in a vase takes a ballerina stance

Blooming in full two days later

Invites butterflies all aflutter

As precious as a fairytale dream

It is tinged at the tips in hues of clotted  cream

Purple is soon brown—a color of wither…

A hardbound diary is used to press and preserve

Along with the card and cherished letter

The flower you sent me stays with me forever.