Shangri-La: A Poem by Sangeetha Kamath

On uncharted territory in a hot air balloon I traversed through the cyan skies

Oh look! There are snow-white swans, migrating mallards and flocks of alabastarine geese!

Honking and cackling, a medley of cacophony

Sounds of nature and fauna were in perfect harmony

Crisp air from the valleys, hillocks and dales

Fragrant pine and arboreal breeze makes  me forget all worries and cares…

A gust of wind takes my balloon a notch higher

From land and countryside so much further

The rivers look like sinuous glimmering ribbons oh how at the sight I marvel!

Quilted patches of verdure splattered with wildflowers bright blue, violet, magenta looking like gems and a crown jewel

The rocky crests and crown of mountainside rise like tall citadels

In the setting sun against a tangerine canvas they look like majestic sentinels!

Daylight is dimming and twilight is rising as they welcome diamonds of stars twinkling!

North Star is the first to peek out of the indigo empyrean

Did I imagine it or was I floating higher into the celestine?

Just as I was starting to miss home, my balloon decided to descend under a midnight dome…

It was a flight to remember, a sojourn to treasure…

I’m game to try it forever and ever!