Howdy Revardie: A Poem by Sangeetha Kamath

Million hues of green knock on the doors of wintertide

Ballads of birdsongs bid dulcet goodbyes  to the snow queen

With promises of sweet summer rain and floral infused breeze

She’s here to stay with lush verdant canopies and bouquets


In all eagerness she throws away her snowy duvet

Stepping out on tiptoes from the rime spangled bassinet

Rested deeply and invigorated by nascent spilling shy sunrays

Primrose hues replace the whites and dove grays


Spurts of tender green on branches gnarled and once bare

Chirping birds celebrate spring with chorus of songs rare

Girls are once again in pretty summer frocks

Carefully stashed away are plaid jackets, boots and woollen socks


The spring air has a plethora of fragrance

Blooms and berries are in abundance

Aroma of baking wafts in a medley

Vanilla in cakes, cookies and fruit tarts aplenty


Frozen brooks and streams dance in grandeur

Flowing and bubbling again making music with mighty ardour

Swards of grass sway to the rhythm of the melody

If you could hear them, they’re rejoicing, singing ‘Howdy, Revardie!