The Courtroom: A Story by Lalita Vaitheeswaran

Nitya and Rakesh had been planning for a child for the past five years. There had been many investigations and procedures done on them but in vain.

Days and nights had become very taxing during these five years when both Rakesh and Nitya had become bitter. There were now daily conflicts and arguments between them. Nitya’s friend them came with the idea of surrogacy. She said once the child is born, everything would be sorted out.

The couple contacted many agencies but in view of the new surrogacy act they could not find a “commercial surrogate”. They then approached their extended families and Nitya’s distant relative Shraddha who already had two kids agreed to help.

Doctor Neeta, the ART specialist, explained how she would make use of IVF (invitro fertilization) and get the embryo implanted into Shraddha’s womb. Though it would be Shraddha who would carry the baby, the biological parents would be Rakesh and Nitya only.


Shraddha was being looked after well by the couple. Both Rakesh and Nitya made it a point to see that Shraddha was getting proper food, fruits, vegetables, and vitamins.

They were already in love with the baby.

Here, Shraddha was dealing with her own problems of vomiting, sleeplessness, and bloating during pregnancy.

The D-Day arrived and Shraddha gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. Very fair in complexion with slightly blue eyes, the baby looked angelic. Amidst the joy of delivery, the couple’s heart sank.

No… wasn’t their baby. There had been a mistake. How can Indians have a baby like a foreigner?

What would society say? What would they answer if anyone asks?

No, they cannot have this baby…

A DNA test was carried out to confirm and their fears proved true.

There had been a botch up and there was a mix-up from the semen bank.

Both of them were seen walking out with heavy steps.

Here Shraddha wanted to be free of her responsibility and give the baby to them so that now she could focus on her own family and children.

But both Rakesh and Nitya refused.

Shraddha filed a petition to request that she has an emotional attachment towards the baby and cannot abandon him but at the same time cannot take the baby as she cannot afford it.


Then came the hearing of the case in a jam-packed Courtroom. This was a rare case where no one wanted to take the baby.

Shraddha was carrying the baby in her arms with tears in her eyes because of helplessness.



Justice V.R Sharma was banging the gavel after listening to both sides….giving his verdict…

“ All the three parties, including the baby have been a victim of circumstances. Though we cannot blame anyone but at the same time, we cannot abandon a helpless infant. In view of the fact that none wishes to adopt the child, I take responsibility of raising it with love like my own.”

The courtroom cheered with claps.