The Courtroom: A Story by V. Gayalakshmi

Bot 3.0 was amused, to say the least. He had been following up on the case with great interest from the time he had landed on Earth. The first thing that Bot did upon landing was getting himself one of those strange devices which seemed to be glued to the limbs of every Earthling he met. News on social media was his main source of entertainment with different versions of the same story appearing almost every day. Now seated above the raft of the old courthouse, he was in high spirits to know how the whole episode would play out.

The courtroom opened and in walked the black-robed performers. Bot was now at his seat edge, his ears perked up. The judge walked in and all stood up. Bot stood on his head and waved his spindly limbs back and forth. That was a sign of respect for the great judge. The courtroom seemed to be in a jovial mood with many Earthlings engaged in sniggering and gesturing at what one particular pale figure now standing inside a box.

Much of what transpired after that was all Greek and Latin to little Bot. But he sat through it with a feeling at the pit of his green stomach that something was just not right. From what he could gauge from the pale figure’s face, he knew it was hurt. Hurt badly and deeply. And yet, the lawyers kept prodding and mocking at it. The judge too enjoyed the show and bellowed with derisive laughter at all the wrong points in time. For the first time since he landed, Bot was now feeling like a true alien! He was unable to comprehend the ways of this strange land. Ashamed, he turned from blue to pink and then to a light grey. He was rolling over the rafts and his limbs stuck to his head. He was completely messed up, inside out.

And then he remembered. When his fellow beings the 3.0 race were wronged by the 4.0s, the case was settled not by strange manipulation of powers but by a simple swift truth test. The truth won at all times no matter what as pretense and mockery were unknown to their races. And the ‘courtball’ as it was called was dropped on the wrongdoer forcing him to vanish without a trace.

The next morning social media was abuzz with very many interesting stories. And this time it was a point worth noting that the case which had created such ripples had finally been closed by a sleight of hand. Something swift and bright had poked the laughing villains as they came out of the courtroom and lo and behold they had vanished into thin air. Nothing more, nothing less. Case closed!