Unfaded Love: A Poem by Gowri Bhargav

The sanguine sun may fail to rise in the morn,
The gentle zephyr may seem hauntingly still,
But my love for thee will brim whether it’s dusk or dawn,
As my heart always vibrates with thy name tranquil.

The cold winter may turn vile and bitter,
Seeds of spring may turn dormant and die,
But my woven verses will bloom forever,
My ballads and odes would never sigh.

Roses may cease to spread their fragrance,
The scorching sun may turn the parched earth lifeless,
But I’ll harness dreams and make rainbows dance,
To paint an eternal spring in thy fond canvas.

My love! I may turn mute one day,
My throbbing heart may fail to beat,
Though my silent grave may seem dull and gray,
My unfaded love will linger during thy moments sweet.