Power of Words: A poem by Vasumathi Arvind

Words are pearls emanating from the heart,
How you use them is an art.
Words can be soft as snow
Healing and alleviating your sorrow.
Words can be sweet as honey,
Lightening up hearts so many.
Words can be colourful as a rainbow,
Motivating you and keeping you on the go.
Words can be clear and pure as a mountain stream,
Igniting in you an inner glow like a sunbeam.
Words can be music to your ears,
Creating a melody that to your life can add years.
Words can be straight as shooting stars,
Easing relationships and avoiding spars.
Words can be kind and loving,
Bringing about harmony and happy living.
Words can be gentle as a dove,
Spreading peace, harmony, and love.
Words are mighty, they are powerful,
Using them with care can make the world around you wonderful.