Live in the Moment: A poem by Vasumathi Arvind

Life is the rosy pink and orange rays of dawn,
Sing with the birds and shed the yawn;
For this colourful canvas will fade away
As the sun goes up and brightens the day!
Life is a dazzling, sunny day, and
Soak in the warmth, skip and play.
Enjoy the light, enjoy the sounds and sights
Before you know, it will soon be night!
Life is the first few raindrops touching the earth,
Lift up your face, take in the fragrance with mirth.
Throw out your arms and dance with abandon,
Like you will never do or have never done!
Life is the rainbow spanning the sky,
Seven colors of happiness and hope, to come by.
Revel in it and its breathtaking beauty ,
A moment of joy that will not last an eternity!
Life is the silken gown , an adornment for a special occasion,
Take it out and wear it now without hesitation!
Tomorrow is another day yet to unfold,
Make the most of today, without keeping anything on hold!
Life is magical , life is mysterious!
Each moment that emerges, to know, be curious.
Every moment is like an ice cream , refreshing and rejuvenating,
Enjoy it before it starts melting and dissipating!