The beauty of simplicity: A poem by Poonam Kanwal

The most basic form,
That Relinquishes all complex norms, 
Bared to the skeleton,
With transparency at its helm, 
Simplicity is easy to understand.

Elementary in its approach,
No complexities to decode,
Unadulterated, raw and pure, 
Detective’s hoodie not needed for sure,
Simplicity is comforting.

Devoid of pseudo tricks,
Cosmetic Layers gnawed & ripped, 
The reality of “Just being”, firmly bricked, 
A sturdy mansion of trust built, 
Simplicity is astoundingly Real.

 No frills, yet a head turner,
A Magnetic personality, that draws,
Casting a spell, attention it claws,
A Show Stopper’s persona with blessings & flaws, 
Simplicity is mesmerizing.