Morning After a Storm: A Poem by Dr. Suboohi Jafar

The wind was roaring all night,
Then came the morning, shining and bright,
Birds are singing the beautiful song,
And my heart is dancing with them along.
Trees are waving, “Good morning dear”,
As its leaves are fresh and clear,
The sky is bright and charmingly clear,
Its lovely blue color, makes me cheer.
Toads are chattering here and there,
As water filled in all their holes,
I was walking down the road crossing the hurdles,
My feet got soaked in one of the puddle.
But, I was not angry at all,
As I heard the noise of the waterfall,
I ran to see the beauty of nature,
Just to make myself happy, and my heart nurture.
I forgot all the pain, solitude, and distress,
Seeing the world happy and at its Everest,
All the sorrows melted from my heart,
With peculiar grace of nature in all part.
We all come together in life’s pilgrimage,
And go through the pain of defeat, sorrow, and rage,
But at the end, heart should remember the happy page,
And should come out of that lonely cage!