Until You Return…: A Poem by Dr. Suboohi Jafar

I’ve forgotten the song of love,
Will you come back and sing a song for me?
The way you used to embrace me,
Will you come back and hug me?
I still remember all the promises you made,
Those hugs, kisses and long rides,
Those crazy moments when we were together, every single time,
Will you allow me to sleep in your lap forever?
I can’t wait for that day when you return,
I can’t wait to show you the fire I felt,
I can’t wait to tell you how much I yearned,
And I can’t wait to make you feel the pain I felt.
There were days when I was lonely,
Your memories were driving me crazy,
I was walking on the road like a lone puppy,
Some pitied me, while others made fun of me.
I cried to the core exposing my torn soul,
Soul, that was bruised and shattered with the scars you left,
I died a thousand times, just to avoid the trauma you gave,
But I am still waiting for you to return and be safe!