Dear Motherland : A Poem by Amrita Mallik

For you, dear motherland, have fighters,
Protecting your borders from enemies,
Annually you’ve your day, remembered by all,
Acknowledging your presence some time.
Now, look at the mothers of your land,
How they mostly endure throughout their lives,
Often early mothers, in the hands of monsters,
Bewildered, beaten, blues beckoning.
Dear motherland, don’t fall into the trap,
The feigning accolades, and the cheering,
All are preserved for some special days,
Only to attract likes, honeyed comments and shares.
Can’t you see how you’re vandalized?
Can’t you behold how mothers are treated?
A normal day doesn’t call for respect,
It’s about abuse and reprimanding.
But, like these hapless mothers,
You, too, have to tolerate endlessly,
For love of children often overpower,
You and I, in the same boat.