It seems like clouds are melting,

Unable to hold their emotions, so downpouring,

Alas! There is nobody to console them,

To say that it’s alright, and to hug them.


The sun refused to wake up,

As if tired after the month of summer,

The white storm of light is frightening the dark,

Threatening humans, to wake up, just like an alarm clock.


Meanwhile, rivers and lakes are dancing to their heart’s content,

Ready to meet their friends, and travel a longer distance,

Miles and miles of brown plains, waiting to turn into a green carpet,

Birds are chirping and singing, welcoming a new life on the surface.


Monsoon has brought love for earth,

We can always have that blessed petrichor,

It seems as if we are connected with the song,

Those clouds are singing with all their grace.


Dr. Suboohi Jafar “Aatika”