Brilliance of Birds


HOST of harried Sparrows

prickly PRIDE of Ostriches

invited the cocky COLONY

of Penguins, Gulls, Vultures

to join prayerful PARLIAMENT of Owls

in Eagles cooperative CONVOCATION


Brooding BROOD of Hens and Chickens

boasted to caring CAST of Falcons

on cornering a COMPANY of Parrots


Doling drum beats were DOLE of Doves

flagging FLIGHT of Cormorants, Birds

pushing pretty POD of Pelicans

to a murderous MEW of HAWKS

eyeing merry MURDER of Crows


Merry-making MUSTERING of Storks

stroked STAND of flamboyant Flamingos

raving to use UNKINDNESS of Ravens

daring the DROPPING of Goosanders

to party at bashful BIRDS blowout bash


Rupa Rao

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