The Forest-Jim Corbett



The serenity of nature leaves us relaxed and spellbound

Far away from city’s buzzing life

One can find the beautiful nature in dense forest (Jim Corbett)

It is full of banyan, sal, saigon trees and bushes


The sight of chimpanzees, deers and wild boars is amazing

Variety of birds and dancing peacocks in natural surroundings are attracting

The singing of birds fills the atmosphere with rapturous melody

We were waiting for the king of forest anxiously


Stopping again and again of slow murmur of dry leaves

But there was no trace (of tiger)

Only pug marks were seen on wet soil

The area of grasslands was wonderful


As beautiful nature was offering us an orange sunset

There was a babble of slow spring water in small waterbodies

Perhaps wild animals were drinking water in those reservoirs

The wild, bright flower bow touched water

Like a beautiful woman was smiling at her image in the mirror


Ishrat Umar

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