Mercy: A poem by Bhargavi Ravindra

God’s Grace And Mercy are any day bigger, good to remember
Yet, are selfishly unmindful of precious lives on air, earth, and water!
Echo imbalance is the root cause for large scale worldwide disaster
 Peaceful coexistence-mercy and tolerance needed in big measures!

With the advent of science, technology life has become much easier
We are shamelessly greedy, abusive; putting the environment in danger
Why our world is restricted to-Me , Mine and Myself, I often wonder 
To wipe out all this without a trace, it takes just one natural disaster!

The teenager was  shocked to see the maid being hit by her employer
For packing two slices of bread for her hungry two year old toddler 
Her any amount of explanation, her innocent plea fell on deaf ears
She begged Mercy; mercilessly was beaten and declared a robber

A child in a school was taken to task for not raising funds for poor
He cried-“Mother can’t raise fund,hates to borrow from neighbour,
I don’t want my mother to beg, please understand, I have no father.”
He begged mercy,  the poor child was mercilessly humiliated, made to suffer.

These may be small incidence but their implications are great
A continuous struggle for survival,to humanity a constant threat
Instead of mercy,  kindness,we are breeding violence, spreading hate
Aren’t we heading towards  total destruction of humanity at this rate?