Timeless love: A poem by Nisha Tandon

The deserted seat beside him till yet was not so
They sat there together and slowly watched the yesteryears go

They saw the pastoral countryside through their aging eyes 
And birds fly back home across the azure limitless skies

They brooded as the sunset after illuminating millions of lives
And then headed home in pursuit of another sanguine sunrise

Diligently they followed this every single day of their youth
And matched their footsteps through life’s muted blues 

Gradually, as they turned grey, undying love they fondly shared
In their carefree laughter many things remained unsaid 

They fought all odds and shed tears at what was not to be 
Shattered dreams with a new hope  they would often weave

But today he sits on the bench lonely,  broken with a pain unbearable 
Afraid of a morrow without her,for him the loss is irreparable 

He wished to reunite with his beloved as soon as he could
Tired of storms of dying emotions, he so far withstood

Just at that very moment, he felt her hand on his , he smiled once again
And his spirit left his soul bereft of any pain 

A silent tear dropped on his cheeks from the moistened eyes
And his trembling hands lay still in the empty space, that cold shivery night