Eternal love: A poem by Azucena Libiran Gonzales

Represents a superb, splendid exaltation of emotion
An eternal, intense and never changing devotion
Infinite love that can’t be measured, like the hours
It’s seen with white hairs, always young in the heart.
A relationship that has enduring power
Strong feeling that two people have for each other
Having things in common, they share and enjoy together
Kind of love that’s rare, it does last forever.
True love in their hearts buried so deep
They promise that they will always keep
A pledge of passion more lasting than ever
No matter what obstacles, their love remains stronger.
Nothing in the world can stop their great feeling
Eternal love, gives their life real meaning
Pure empathy, adds magic for their love to last
Affection they share, until this earth they pass.
Eternal love is a matter of understanding; never impatient
It doesn’t grow weary or fearful; bond of closeness, commitment
Neither bound up in physical body nor fettered by time
Love so strong, that even after death, it’s still there.