Geisha: A poem by Nisha Tandon

Draped in a floral kimono that rustles with finesse
Knotting with an obi belt and my meticulously tied tress

My beauteous face masked in snow white silhouette 
And two luscious lips painted in deep crimson red 

Cloaked in mystery and oh! So nubile and euphoric 
I am from the Orient, a beauty so exotic and alluring 

Enthralling the guests, blithe spirit I seductively display 
Elusive, untouchable and unattainable I am, so to say 

My nimble fingers strum the Shamisen with great ease 
With my virtuoso performances, my guests as I please 

Serving Matcha tea in Ochaya, daintily I meander
With them, I sweetly converse and indulge in witty banter 

Representing vain dreams, ambitions and secret desires 
I’m an unfathomable mystery, an epitome of feminine power 

Often loathed in society my self-esteem often disappears 
The porcelain look I wear prudently hides my silent tears 

Despite all the adulation, a lonely soul I possess
Many hold me in reverence as if l am a divine goddess 

An artisan so sophisticated and extremely bold 
I am Geisha, an intriguing mystery yet to unfold 

Obi Belt: A sash for kimono
Shamisen: A three-stringed Japanese musical instrument
Ochaya: Tea house