Ode to geisha: A poem by Rachna Karara

An extraordinary woman of great talent and exotic beauty,
She dances and sways her slim hips in rhythm,
To a sonorous melody entertaining the Japanese men,
A ravishing painted face, oh so sublime,
Dark penciled eyes dart in a fascinating unison.

Dainty, quaint movements and a lilting voice so pure,
Uplifting the drooping spirits of the weary audience,
See her in a strikingly gay kimono with her obi in place,
Dressed to perfection, hair styled with flattering flowers,
A fragrant perfume wafts around her delicately.

No, her gorgeous body is not for sale,
So do not touch her precious frame,
A pristine purity and a unique honesty emanates from her pores,
Give our geisha the regal respect that she absolutely deserves,
For she has taken arduous training for her role.

Profound power, intrigue, and angelic mystery are her brilliant jewels,
Specialized and refined she is, ever elusive and unattainable,
Representing fresh dreams, lofty aspirations and towering jubilations,
Entertaining the males in her okiya,
The perfect hostess she is to indulge in a man’s fantasy!

Obi …sash for kimono
Okiya …geisha house/drinking establishment where she operates.