The messiah of peace: A poem by Jayashree Pillai

When a hand of terror coursed through the land
And held it captive for a century and beyond,
He arrived.

He strode across the ancient routes,
That bore the stench of tyranny.
With Truth as his weapon,
And Satyagraha his mantra,
He tore the shackles that bound his land.

Freedom dawned one monsoon night.
We cheered and he smiled through tears-
For freedom was a double-edged sword :
Two lands were born – his children torn.
He strode through the alleys of the nation young
Weaving humanity with threads of love.
And when he fell one fatal day,
He rose again, indomitable as ever.

He still walks down the hidden paths –
Unseen and yet felt.
He is the Messiah of peace; the saint of Sabarmati.
He is Gandhi – the Mahatma: the Eternal Soul.