Eternal love: A poem by Mousumee Baruah

A love without expectations not in lieu of love return.
It is not a deal but bondage free, spacious enough with wisdom and trust.
Love which can withstand thorns and accept roses is love eternal.

A flame that burns serenely and perennially.
No wavering by fickle winds of cynicism.

A love with expectation perishes as time flows rapidly.
Timeless love survives and remembered ever like Radha, Krishna, Mirabai.
Grows, better with time, like vintage wine. 
Did Radha complain when her beloved Krishna left Gokul for Mathura.?

Or did Mirabai stop rendering her soulful rendition when faced with challenges?
She sings mellifluously in the glory of the divine.
Poison turns nectar, a power of infinite love.
Did the mother complain of labor pain?
Did the father complain of looking after family and children?

Eternal love is a commitment without expectation, the devotion of the highest order.
A selfless love platonic, pure.
Like an earthen lamp soaked in oil of kindness, responsibility, compassion.
Flames might flicker but cannot touch by storms.

For it has an indomitable spirit, limitless, an unassuming.
It is detached from limitations and expectations.