Elegy Of Wilted Flowers: A Poem by Indrani Chatterjee

They weren’t wilted few hours back,
When banquet hall was gleaming under the magnitude of chandelier.
Their iridescent display in rich pristine vases,
Emitting aesthetic charm in every corner.

Some baronesses indulged their elegance plucking a freshly bloomed,
Enrobing confidence in their lifted swap of words and laughter.
The sporadic essence of the aromatic tussock, fumigating the ambiance,
Diluting romance in the exultant fervour.

But as time made its way and the last strike of orchestra
Declared the dropping scene,
The flowers too recant their chapters with a sigh of release,
Their freshness declined and so is their enamouring gleam.

Now with folded petals and flexed head they submit to their wilted state,
Standing disparaged in the eerie silence of banquet.
Once their ephemeral bliss dwindles,
The profuse rapture they churned in the ambience is never alluded.

They’re only being reckoned with delight,
So long, their pulchritude is in sight.
But once they flinch to be a signature,
They evacuate the mind to be in oblivion forever.