The Trail of Your Muses: A Poem by Indrani Chatterjee

I can still sense the redolent smile on your visage
Your sonorous solicitation still mured in the sepia pages.
The enlivened postures you enrobed are yet the catalyst to my undisclosed hollow,
Chasing the trail of your dissipated footsteps
To the surreal realm I endeavour to follow.

The rustling muses elapse through the memory path,
Teasing the famished nerves to feed in your photographs.
The drapery of your cherubic affinities is the lonesome ambit I saunter,
The derelict bends I wander again and again in album’s auburn papers.

The frenetic surges lashing against my throbbing heart,
Only the dulcet impressions linger, the rest were irony subjected to depart.
These captures are my only repertoire,
That resonates with the notes of my repetitive silence,
I watch till my eyes haze, reckoning the fleeting hours with patience.