A Mother’s Testimony In God’s Eyes: A Poem by Indrani Chatterjee

It’s so said that not a leaf tremors sans His hint,
I wonder, where was His attention, when He let my motherly entity sink.
My tender bond was intimidated, and I moaned in silence,
Now my presence shudders as I try to anticipate my terminal consequence.

Every timid steps groping for respite defying the grueling verity,
Enrobing disbelieve within, I failed to reckon in His eyes my receptivity.
My atheist mind bedims the path that onrushes towards his citadel,
I closed all facades of luminance that could lead me to the mark of gospel.

But after every dark phase emerges the divine effulgence,
And once more the slumber that sealed my spirit, awakens in credence.
The ethereal realization dawned upon me as if summoned from heaven,
In His eyes, I stood as an ordained warrior who qualifies to trudge the thistly lane.

He delivered His command for the mission and impishly smiled
And I still stand undaunted as a special mother of a specially-abled child.