Colours in The Sky: A Poem by Jayashree Bhattacherjee

The sky was dark, my soul was in pain in a world without light
Then you came to me like a moon, a silver crescent, shining so bright
The warmth of your smile ignited hope’s dying ember in the inky night
Bringing a kaleidoscope of hues to my sky, guiding me through light
My path became gilded and lined with golden hues
Ruby roses grew through the grass that shone with diamond dews
In the void where even the stars refrained
A glimmer sparkled, with your emerging ethereal light, darkness waned
Each stroke of your love, like a sunrise at dawn
Erase shadows where only cold nights had drawn
In your eyes I find galaxies endless and deep
A universe of dreams that my weary soul can now weave
You are my glory, my peace, with your gentle embrace
You paint my world with vibrant hues over the dark space
Your presence, a richness in darkness, illuminates my world
After the stormy rainy night, a rainbow unfurled
With hues of hope and gentle grace you paint a new scene
A masterpiece of love, a melody of joy, a heart that’s so serene
My dark sky had epic tales of storm that I had to weather
But wrapped up in colours of your love my heart is held together