Colours in the Dark Sky: A Poem by Nibedita Rajguru

Sadness eclipses the mirthful moments,
The hues of life have faded,
Blemishing my heart’s segments.
A feeling of worthlessness,
Engulfs me, corroding my confidence.
My heart beats to its repeated rhythm,
My mind chimes an unhappy rhyme.
I fumble, but gather my ounces of courage,
And resurrect a stronger image,
I bravely fight for my faith,
Tending to the wounds, caused by the scathe,
Of hurtful words and scornful jibes,
Buried beneath the shambles, my dignity,
Cries bitterly and vows to conquer timidity,
I hold my head firm and high.
The darkness of gloom dispels,
Vibrant shades of colours,
Permeates the darkness,
And, the sky is suffused in a Kaleidescape,
Of hope, happiness, self-love and strength.