Love Amidst War: A Poem by Concetta Pipia

In the shadow of war, love finds no refuge,
A silent cry in the hollow of night.
Hearts once entwined now drift like smoke,
Memories, ghosts in the ruins of hope.
Letters unopened, stained with absence,
Promises, whispers lost in the wind.
The taste of your name, ashes on my tongue,
Your touch, a phantom in the empty air.
Bombs fall like tears from an unfeeling sky,
Each explosion a crack in our fragile bond.
We were together, yet so alone,
Clinging to fragments of a shattered past.
In dreams, we meet by a forgotten river,
But dawn brings the cold truth,
A love left to wither in war’s embrace,
Like a flower choked by the weight of dust.
You are the ache I cannot soothe,
A distant star I cannot reach.
In this desolate landscape, love is a mirage,
Flickering briefly, then consumed by the night.