Colors in the Dark Sky: A Poem by Achuta Saripalle

In the dark sky, colors whisper secrets,
Blue murmurs of serenity, the mind’s tranquil sea,
Green speaks of hope, dreams budding in the heart’s garden,
Purple strokes of mystery, thoughts weaved in twilight’s embrace.

Red flickers of passion, a wildfire in the soul’s depths,
Yellow sparks of joy, laughter’s burst in the mind’s corridors,
Orange hues of creativity, ideas blooming like dawn,
White beams of clarity, cutting through confusion’s fog.

Pink shades of tenderness, the heart’s gentle lullaby,
Gold threads of wisdom, weaving through the fabric of thoughts,
Silver glimmers of intuition, guiding us through shadowed paths,
Indigo waves of introspection, deep as the midnight sky.

In this celestial canvas, we find our reflections,
Colors in the dark, the essence of our inner worlds,
Each hue is a fragment of our boundless story,
Each glow is a light in the night of our being.