Caravan of Stars: A Poem by Latha Warrier

In the vast expanse of night,
Where the moon casts its silvery light,
A caravan of stars begins its flight,
Wandering through the sky so bright.

Guided by the whispering winds,
They weave through the cosmic spins,
Each star a story, each a dream,
In the endless celestial stream.

Twinkling tales of ages past,
Of galaxies vast and time so fast,
They journey through the velvet blue,
A shimmering, timeless, radiant crew.

Their path unknown, their fate untold,
In patterns ancient and yet bold,
They dance in harmony, silent and grand,
A cosmic caravan across the land.

Oh, to follow where they roam,
Through the heavens, their eternal home,
A caravan of stars, forever free,
In the boundless sky, their destiny.