Letter to Santa: A Poem by Preeti Bawa Talwar

Winter has knocked on the door
There are icy gales blowing
Kissing the cheeks, pecking the lips
A blanket of snow all around.
The birch and the oak trees with icicles hanging down.

Christmas is around the corner
Markets are decorated with X’mas trees, sprangles, buntings, gifts
Aroma of cakes is redolent
Yuletide spirit has caught one and all
There is mirth and happiness all around

Kids wait expectantly for Santa
Hoping to get the gifts shared to him in the form of a list
Dear Santa,  this year I too want a  Christmas gift
Precious than a gemstone
Which no amount of money can buy
Only this gem can bring light and glitter in my life

Dear Santa, bring my child home who is living miles away
To earn his livelihood
My heart yearns for my child
Bring him home on your sleigh
Singing Jingle Bells all the way

This gift will make my Christmas special
Full of warmth and happy cheer
Waiting expectantly for my gift dear Santa
Ho! Ho! Ho