A Caravan of Stars: A Poem by Lalita Vaitheeswaran

Across the canvas of an infinite sky
Are studded jewels that sparkle bright
Twinkling like a diamond necklace
Piercing the darkness of the night
The cosmos is silently drifting into sleep
Tucking its mysterious aura away
The splendor that was rampant in sunshine
Is now by a shining cavalcade kept at bay
The moonlit night drips its ambrosia
Giving a sip to the shining convoy of stars
The merry dance of the glittering parade
Spreads brightness and delightful ecstasies afar
As it merrily traverses the universe in awe,
The caravan of stars is in a joyful spell
As light emerges from the painful throes
Annihilating darkness where ever we dwell!