Destiny’s Sweet Child



In the hushed whispers of tender nights, two hearts unite,

Resilient Love’s flame burns gayly to become the guiding light,

Dreams entwine like vines across the trellis, far and above,

Two souls enmeshed by destiny and divinity, hand in glove.


Yet paths diverge, too often fate playing its cruel hand,

And Love’s course is disrupted, quick as shifting sand,

Two worlds fall apart, destinies across universe swayed,

In separate orbits they revolve, their love is put to shade.


Eyes seek the stars, where once dreams used to reside,

Lovers forlorn move, yearn for a love they can’t set aside,

Echoes resonate of promises etched in the fabric of time,

Drifting on wings of love, the souls long for a union sublime.


Callous is the twist of fate and firm like the tyrant’s stance,

Universe conspires to create strenuous love’s circumstance,

Though persistent are the lovers that hope to meet anew,

If not in this realm, in another place where love will be true.


In faith they hold on to each other, across time’s ravenous divide,

With conviction in Love that endures, love that the world denied,

And wait for the next life, when their fervent hearts shall entwine,

With ardent prayers they receive eternal love, a destiny divine.


Dr. Sonika Sethi