Zero Tolerance: A poem by Mir Samsul Haque

The squalid atmosphere all around 
Moral decadence is everywhere found
Yet, I want to be a voice of voiceless
As I’m not toothless and powerless
I want to drive away that old desperado
The call of my conscience, my strength though
A wake-up call awoke me last night
To be hope for the hopeless lot
Not a delirium nor a daydream!
I want to equate all in mainstream
A bravado screams like a night owl
Justice is to have prevailed all around
The tyrants will fall flat that I know
Only a tolerant soul can glow and grow
Never have I taken shelter with amoral mass
As I’m to smash the devilish designs like a hero
I have a zero tolerance for gory cruelty
My wary soul wipes tears from the eyes of many
To tread along unitedly having hope at peak
As long as I live, I will let the weak speak