Your smile is your greatest asset: A poem by Azucena Libiran Gonzales

Your smile is your greatest asset
Pleasing and enchanting as a lovely sunset
Like a dynamic current that sparks as electricity
Your smile makes up a magnetic personality.

A glowing ember, mark of goodness
Conveys feelings of hope, positivity and humaneness
An expression that is impervious to trouble
Your smile is your greatest asset; likeable and affable.

A priceless possession that can never be taken away
Your smile can patch up troubles; lighten one’s day
It’s only a simple act, but it means a lot
It costs nothing, though it can change someone’s life.

You make strangers your friends, through your smile
Just a short word but worth a mile
Helps you feel more confident; increases your success
Powerful asset in your attempt to become your best.

Your smile is your greatest asset; it works wonder
Rather than a facelift, it makes you look younger
If you don’t want wrinkles and want to appear better
Smile, it is the best thing someone can wear.