Your smile is your greatest asset: A poem by Khushboo Yadav

Life is full of miseries and pain.

You will have to face problems and hurdles again and again.
Don’t lose your patience and hope.
Always wear your smile precious than diamond and gold.

Smile is the best gift you can give anyone.
A harmless weapon with which hearts can be won.
Smile soothes and comforts weary hearts.
Smile connects hearts living apart.

Smile rejuvenates your heart and soul.
In bad times it revives you and consoles.
Let your smile be your greatest asset.
Time may change but your smile is always the best.

Nothing can be more soothing than your beautiful smile.
Smile can change even an enemy hostile.
Smile lessens the pain.
Smile inspires you to live peacefully without bothering over loss and gain.