Your smile is your greatest asset: A poem by Julian Sujendran

  I had all the luxuries that money could buy, but yet remained a grim-faced guy.
  I lavished it all upon me, and on my lips, a smile I failed to see.
  Was it the selfish attitude? Or was it the lack of magnitude?
  I tried to sport a smile, but it evaded me all the while.

  Though I tried my level best, it surely put me to the test.
  I tried to reason why? Was it the guilt? I heaved a sigh!
  For surely happiness evaded me, for the selfishness within me.
  I sauntered out onto the street, searching for a friend I could meet.

  I met strangers after walking a mile, they greeted me with a smile.
  I failed to return the smile, I really don’t know why?
  Further on, I came upon; urchins with no clothes on.
  But smile they did, as if to say, it’s what could make your day.

  I wondered much and worried more, what happiness they had in store.
  Despite their wants and poverty, their faces in total sublimity.
  It dawned upon me then, that I must smile whenever I can.
  From my comfort zone I did exit, to see wherein I fit.

  I began to feel my heart soar, and true happiness I did restore.
  My lips curved forth in a beautiful smile, and wondered where it was, all the while.
  It created a moment of bliss, henceforth I would never miss.
  I now will never forget, that a smile is the greatest asset.