When spring comes in: A poem by Uma Natarajan

As the spring steps in reminiscent of melodies and serenade the surroundings
Scent of roses flow around creating Never ending bondings
Blades of green grass grow mounting our longings 
Misty showers of bliss soak the earth with glorious colors
Sun vibrant appears to bow with radiant bowers
Dainty Petals dance in the sweet air with graceful showers
Winter disappears and retires quite elegant
Snow melts, sorrow drives off, spring wakes up ebullient
Under the chandelier of sun’s affluent enlightenment 
Birds flock and swarm, children play and Engross in entertainment 
Spring is miraculous making the world so much alive in Conspicuous 
Beneath the cold hard world plants have already prepared their rebirth 
Now they sprout with rejuvenation and mirth
Excitement and zest after the cold winter zoom and settle
Charm of spring awaken our spirits like the boiling tea in the kettle
Grass is green across the hills, yellow daffodils bloom with grand will
Sun shines on a stalk, flowers offer glorious talks