When spring comes in: A poem by Omar Nassar

When spring comes in its convivial and jovial lovely green
Aglow with a burst of colors, frag- ranges and fresh air
With warm showers, fresh flowers, and shrubs in healing sunshine
All life is miraculously rejuvenated with fresh vigor…
There’s a burst of new life: ants, beetles, and worms
In a season when nature cares and shares in joys
Of rebirth with butterflies, and bees seducing nectar dancing
In celebration of cornucopia in their heavenly haven of trees…
Where tweeting birds joyfully spread their wings and fly
Gracefully in love with the Sun up the sky
From which they spy the earth for worms to peck
Where cheeky squirrels and rabbits have capital fun…
When spring comes in with elan vital and benevolent grace
And everywhere it’s green and preens with sounds and hues
Miraculous nature attracts lovers who holding hands stroll
In sultry breeze where mating doves bill and coo…
And there’s fertility in the air with love to share
Between man, nature, and beasts in a season of care
When everyone’s in a festive mood euphoric and joyous
In the serene light of the full moon!