Spring is coming in: A poem by Divya Budhia Gupta

Peeping out of its nest,
a little bird looked awed.
On nothing, its curious eyes would rest,
and a twinkle in them glowed.

The snow had melted away,
and the chill had gone.
Spring was on its way,
and once again it could be skyborne.

Mama hadn’t allowed it to
fly in the winter cold.
The little one was delicate so,
it was compelled to with-hold.

It jumped towards its mom,
looked anxious and asked;
“Can I take a flight mom,
and get myself sun basked?”

Mama pondered slightly,
and gave its consent.
Little one flapped the wings delightedly,
and fluttered away that moment.

It glided and soared high,
relieving the suppressed desires;
savoring the splendid scenes of far and nigh,
mounting the peaks and sailing past swires.

Trees were donning bright foliole,
and summer freshness enclosed sweet fragrance.
The warm breeze was singing a melodious carol,
and vivid blooms emitted radiance.

Gladdened in nature’s lap,
it crooned a melody pleasing.
Fluttering vivaciously the tender flap,
and pursuing the flight it twittered; “Spring is coming in, yay, spring is coming in!”