When spring comes in: A poem by Heera Nawaz

When Spring arrives, there is no end to nature’s miracles,
which God grants us as He has been munificent and kind,
Spring relieves us from the freezing cold wintry months.
as, “When winter comes, can Spring be far behind?”
In Spring, we find that nature complements human life,
because as the dawn breaks, the vaporous mists surely rise,
it allows us to enjoy and bask in God’s sublime glories,
which is a sharp contrast to modernized life and all its lies!
During Spring, the birds chirp in a cacophony of tweets,
as they gravitate and fly in, to and fro, from nature’s trees,
which though stout and gnarled, support gregarious life,
whether it be the bouncy squirrels, hardworking ants or bees.
The oak, palm and Tabebuia trees survive in all climates,
as they bountifully bring forth both fruits and flowers,
that exude heavenly fragrances akin to intoxicating perfumes,
from their velvety soft petals, we can eulogize for hours!
Spring is reflected in the awesome beauties of God’s nature
which can help us to let go, move on and make a fresh start,
to leave unnecessary baggage and prescription pills behind,
and give in to the lovely climate which is stealing our hearts!