When spring comes in: A poem by Dr. Alok Kumar Ray

When spring comes in I notice the carcass of winter
Lying scattered on the bank of the dry river
I feel our bittersweet love story  getting a fresh trial
New foliages on boughs dance with Zephyr after a brief interval
Amidst nature’s s mood of festivity, I feel only you
Awaking from a long slumber to bid our wintry relation adieu
Amongst oodles of awesome flowers, I reminisce you laughing
Amongst amorous birds’ restlessness to build nests I notice you longing
The thought of having own house  haunts me just now
Cuckoo’s coo reminds me of your sweet voice’s incessant flow
When butterflies and bees seduce flowers to sip nectar
I feel optimal sensual urge inexhaustible on that juncture
When birds flutter joyfully spreading wings to fly high up the air
I feel as if you are going to cuddle me to renew our bygone affair
Cupid’s arrow is so sharp, so piercing, I  only know this now
When spring comes in, the epicurean earth standing at the threshold tries to glow
The balmy air is filled with the intoxicating fragrance of myriad flowers
The silky way of  love, sweet memories  enslave me, drenching me in ecstatic showers