Beauty of simplicity: A poem by Mir Samsul Haque

A simple man is a leading light through his inclusive efforts
His lustrous simplicity conjures up the mass like an oasis in deserts
While on-trend, he saves so many from the frenzied and famished farrago
This time treasured attribute aligns all redirects the world’s go
Gandhiji has epitomized simplicity to beat the invaders’ cruelty
Mandela with all might and main showed the strength of simplicity
Their incessant endeavors never ended with a whimper
Rather their simple act bulldozed the fort of foreigners
Simplicity, a potent weapon creates havoc in moronic moorings
Reaping positive results, a solution for a set of disheveled things
A divine boon! that can turn the empty earth into a heaven
Its inherent beauty fills supreme bliss to everybody’s lifeline
In hardship, it brings soothing effects with vision wrests
In stormy upheavals, it steers one along while goals reset
If the notion of “beauty of simplicity” is well adhered
It heralds happiness, the calamitous canards will be cleared
It lies within all, needs ample courage to actualize to the core
A sane then will receive a round of applause, must grow in galore
I can tell with full conviction, it’s a priceless treasure
One can script worthwhile success beyond mundane measure