When Spring comes: A poem by Teji Sethi

Thoughts rise from slumber 
leaving their autumnal abode
Emotions flow gushing as streams 
Clouds elude the skies 
Draped in sunlight, a faint breeze blows
Honey bees drunk on nectar 
Dancing on flower’s bosom 
kiss the pristine white paper
Words sprout as spring blossoms, 
drenched in sweetness 
I caress these words 
Run my fingers through 
A misty scent lingers on them
Prelude to the season of love 
A poem gets weaved 
My ears no more await 
The songs of birds
Their chirp
For verses hum the melody
They shine as pearls of dew
As i behold their beauty
Once you fall in love with words 
Spring becomes perennial!