Your smile is your greatest asset: A poem by Maria Gina V. De Leon

Cry as you might, if you’re in pain
Shout as you can if your voice seems to drain
Be silent in the hour of noise
Speak when there’s a choice 
But never forget to wear a smile
Whether a smile is given for a while
For that alone will relieve your pain
And obstruct the mind to go insane
Grieve when you lost a love
Fight if your woes tarnish your soul
Pray in time of distress and in your every fall
Stand when it seems that you cannot go on
The biggest battle in life lies within your self
Learn to fight your own battle through a simple smile
Whether big or small that is your weapon alone
To conquer the turmoil that captured the man’s soul
Never forget to bring a smile
Whether near or ahead the mile
Your little smile can only give
Lots of love as long as you live