Beautiful people do not just happen: A poem by Teji Sethi

Look at them
What grace! 
Beauty exudes from their beings
Angels in human skin
They are a tribe of healers 
tending to bruised and broken souls 

From where do they posses such love?
Unconditional, pristine, flowing
A river quenching thirst of the mankind
They give, not for they have abundant
They know how it feels 
to be deprived 

Seasons they have borne
hummed songs melancholy 
Yet do not let their souls wither 
Autumnal Tempest when blows

They keep hopes alive 
In the darkest of hours 
Embracing the parched Earth 
Like Compassionate monsoon showers

Fogiveness is what 
they believe in 
In its aura they shine
Beautiful people just do not happen 
They get carved out of ‘THE DIVINE’