When I look into my eyes…: A poem by Poonam Kanwal

I see my mind through my eyes, into the mirror when  I peek,
Those traitor eyes spill the beans,
When words hibernate clammed within,
The range of emotions witnessed are stories well written……..

When anger scales my mind’s cliff,
A fiery volcano’s molten blaze gets caged behind my lashes & lids, 
Colour red splatters !!!! 

 On a personal quest, whilst riding high, 
 A twinkle in my eyes sends ripples of delight,
 Parting my lips into a jubilant smile.

When mauled by melancholy, my eyes brim with tears saline,
Each drop carries a story of its descent,
Sorrow, it is.

A sudden surprise & my eyelids part, 
To welcome a new visitor, appealing my heart,
 Blinking & stoic stares turn into melodies beyond compare, my eyes sing.
Ahhhh!!  love sights  my expectant eyes,
There’s no haste to turn off dreams, my closed eyes start to screen.

My eyes speak volumes, a reflection of my thoughts,
When I look into my eyes, I read tales unique, and close to my heart.