Power of word: A poem by Bhargavi Ravindra

Words, big and small, of love and hate, are all around us
Words are but pictures of our thoughts, they astound us
Words in darkest of dark n brightest of bright surround us
Words to unleash its power, its charisma, rightfully found us.*

Words, tender, soft, honey-dipped win hearts – a trusted trick
Words, harsh, arrogant venom spitting-a molten lava, hot brick
Words, our ladder to fame and glory-our intellectual yardstick
Words, our fall from grace and wisdom -ruin of culture and ethics.

Words are, music, the beautiful song that letters sing 
Words are, our cherished hope, the inspiration that life brings 
Words are .the strong tools, a handy guide in all our dealings 
Words are the roads, the avenues, that set world exploring.

Words are a link from creating history to unfurl the mystery
Words more often like a cradle swing us from joy to misery
Words echos our ideas and thoughts and flow like poetry
Words nurture our hopes, aspirations,dreams-weave a story.

The first word the child utters, the world rejoices in pleasure
The last word  leaves a long trail behind on departure
From start to finish what are we without words, I wonder
Words are the very essence of life, to its POWER I surrender.

*As no other living beings need words to express themselves!