When destiny calls: A poem by Azucena Libiran Gonzales

When destiny calls, approach it properly with good intention
Take the wheel and drive towards your own destination
Stop gazing at the stars for the direction
Your destiny is ultimately determined by your decision.

Fate presents you with the opportunity to create it
Don’t let it slips out of your hands; seize it
Decide what destiny you want; set a goal
Future is yours which you have the right to control.

When destiny calls, take action; persevere or endeavor
A favorable chance is knocking at your door
Receive it; time to demonstrate your reserve of mastery
Choices you make define and shape your own destiny.

It’s a critical moment in your life when destiny calls
Standing still is the best choice for whatever befalls
The pen for your life story, you’re the one holding
Destiny lies in your hands; design your own happy ending.