Sakura in spring: A poem by Vasudha Pansare

Sakura, the most beautiful cherry blossom,
A sight most awesome,
The harbinger of spring,
Joy and solace it does bring.
I imagine a magnificent garden,
I dream of it very often,
In my mind, the blossoms never fade,
It is my dream of heaven.
Ah, those lovely cherry blossoms,
I want to sit under those trees,
Resting on the bench, peaceful, carefree,
Looking up at the petals pink and white.
Can anything be more splendid
Than the Japanese Sakura in full bloom?
The most wonderful sight
To erase the winter gloom.
I will go there someday to feast my eyes,
And lie down beneath the blossoms,
Under the brilliant blue skies,
Watching the colorful butterflies.

In my next life, let me be born,

In amazing, lovely Japan,

So that every spring I’ll behold,

Blossoms most gorgeous and glorious.